Harley-Davidson Pan America Bundle (2021 & Up)
Harley-Davidson Pan America Bundle (2021 & Up)
Harley-Davidson Pan America Bundle (2021 & Up)
Harley-Davidson Pan America Bundle (2021 & Up)
Harley-Davidson Pan America Bundle (2021 & Up)
Harley-Davidson Pan America Bundle (2021 & Up)
Harley-Davidson Pan America Bundle (2021 & Up)
Harley-Davidson Pan America Bundle (2021 & Up)
Harley-Davidson Pan America Bundle (2021 & Up)
Harley-Davidson Pan America Bundle (2021 & Up)
Harley-Davidson Pan America Bundle (2021 & Up)
Harley-Davidson Pan America Bundle (2021 & Up)
Harley-Davidson Pan America Bundle (2021 & Up)
Harley-Davidson Pan America Bundle (2021 & Up)
Harley-Davidson Pan America Bundle (2021 & Up)

Harley-Davidson Pan America Bundle (2021 & Up)

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  • Three great products for the Harley-Davidson Pan America - bundled together for great savings! 

    Note: These are all compatible with each other. The Display Riser and GPS/Phone Mount require the Adjustable Windshield System. 

    Adjustable Windshield System

    Our new system is so well integrated with the bike, you will think it came from the factory that way. It is one of our most involved bracket kits (see photos) because it bolts to the steel frame and holds the instrument panel as well as the windshield.  When installed, you can actually pull your bike around by the windshield, but our patented mechanism still lets you easily adjust height and angle without tools. Only a few simple hand tools are needed to install, and you will NOT need to modify the bike in any way. This kit includes:

    • The Madstad adjustable frame-mount bracket system
    • Acrylic touring windshield
    • All required mounting hardware

    Installation Video:


    Display Riser

    This add-on accessory pairs with Madstad adjustable windshield system allowing for improved visibility by raising the instrument display higher and solves the problem of the low factory display position. With a much greater tilt range, you can pivot the display back to standing angle for the most direct and clear view possible under all of your riding positions.

    • Raises instrument display 2 full inches, allowing a clear line of sight to safely view the road ahead AND your display screen

    • Ideal when using a tank bag or handlebar risers

    • Easy installation to the Madstad adjustable windshield system

    • Includes plug & play display wiring harness extension

    • Powder coated stainless steel components

    • Will not work with OEM windshield

    • Made in the USA

    Phone Mount Crossbar

    This add-on accessory for the Madstad adjustable windshield system allows you to attach your phone where it MUCH easier to see, just below your line of sight. Instead of bobbing your head up and down to see your smartphone screen, you simply lower your gaze a few inches and there it is. Keep your eyes on the road, and your critical information front and center.

    Note: Phone mount in photo not included.

    The stainless steel bar brackets mount directly to the metal Madstad windshield system so you get the most solid mounting possible. The bar itself is solid 7/8" thick aluminum and will not rotate so that whatever you mount there stays in place. Mount up to two devices side-by-side, and you can use this crossbar whether or not you have purchased our Display Riser Kit.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 48 reviews
    Alexander Herring
    Fantastic Product & Customer Service! Madstad 12" 2017-Gold Wing Tour

    After reading many fellow Gold Wing Riders commenting very favorably on their purchase of the Madstad Wind Shield, I decided to pull the trigger on a Madstad myself, especially since you can return it within a specified time if you are not satisfied with the Madstad. Being that I live relatively near to their facility, I was able to secure an appointment with Blair. I learned that he was well versed in and proud of the Madstad products! (If you have any questions, he is the person to talk with about their wonderful product.

    I tried one shield, a 14" for my 2017 Gold Wing, which was too high. I got back with Blair, and we made arrangements to get the 12" shield as a replacement. No haggles about doing an exchange, and that was certainly a hassle-free transaction. Thanks, Madstad-Blair, for making this a nice experience, which by today's standards is a rare standard practiced by many businesses of late.

    Now, to comment on the high quality of all components that come with the very quality Madstad shield. The shield is of a thickness that you won't experience any flex as the speeds get higher, as the solid metal braces are a work of art along with the components for assembly. (If you have an opportunity, check out many of the "YouTube" videos on the Madstad products.)

    The installation was simple, with detailed installation instructions that even I could follow with ease. Once installed, it was time to get the Madstad tweaked to my Gold Wing and my airflow preferences.

    Again, the instruction material was a great resource in getting your placement Madstad zeroed in. It took about three or four adjustments after finding a safe place to make the adjustments. Any who have "Air Wings," etc., will be involved to some degree when adjusting your shield and should not present an issue as you can manually adjust the "Air Wings" on the fly safely, at least with the "Baker Air Wings" that I have installed. I am very pleased with the Madstad Shield customer for life!

    If you need to be rid of buffeting from wind, this is your answer to that problem! ***I have no affiliation with Madstad-just happy customer***


    Awesome, easy install, great customer service! Highly recommend

    Benjamin Diaz
    So flexible!

    The best thing about the Madstad system, is the fact that you can adjust the shield in so many positions. The bracket is easily changed for various conditions. The wind is no longer a factor when it comes to fatigue. I recommend the Madstad system enthusiastically!

    Robert Pradella
    What a difference.

    Blown away, well not by the wind blast. I’m 6’2”, and ordered the 22” screen. And the original wind shield whilst looking perfectly on the bike created horrific buffeting of my helmet anything over 40 MPH. The first ride was with the windshield all the way down and forward. Immediately I noticed how much quieter the ride was. And even partially standing up to see where the air hits my helmet it’s just super smooth air. Not rough and no buffeting. Other than pure comfort the quiet really does let you hear comms. I can actually feel the bass and hear my music clearly with my Cardo Packtalk. I fully recommend Madstad for delivering their promise of a wonderfully comfortable and quiet ride, and the quality of craftsmanship is second to none. Everything is well made and the windscreen itself is absolutely beautiful. Thank you to Madstad!

    The Right Fit

    My Honda CTX seems to lean a little more than I am comfortable with. Tried several different plates and pads to no avail. This Madstad fits perfectly and is a well thought out piece of engineering. Now I can get a good night's sleep not worrying my bike is going to tip over.

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    “Before their install, I suffered from the constant, unmitigated buffeting at speeds above 40 mph. Now I can hear the engine, and that's a sound I like!"

    Johann Borenstein

    “I have a stack of other windshields. I've bought over the years before I discovered the Madstad system, and none of them compare. Do yourself a favor and just buy the Madstad first!"

    Murphy Motors

    “Long rides at freeway speeds were the worst because of the buffeting. I installed the 18" Madstad screen, keeping it at the lowest setting, and the buffeting is gone. I now have a nice quiet air flow around my head and upper torso, regardless of speed.”

    Scott Beal