Harley-Davidson - Pan America (2020 - Up) Adjustable Windshield System

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MadStad Adjustable Windshield System for your Harley Davidson Pan America (2020 - Up)

Transform your ride
Get long-range touring comfort with a multi-adjustable rock-solid windshield system. MadStad's patented adjustable system replaces the plastic factory windshield mount and plastic housing with a new heavy stainless steel structure with independent height and angle adjustment. Our windshield is also thicker and larger for a wider pocket of comfort with no vibration, and optically clear with no distortion.

Riding is believing
Independent height and angle adjustment means smooth airflow placed exactly where you need it. With our system you should be looking comfortably over the shield at highway speeds rather than through it, even with your visor open. On gravel or bumpy roads our all-metal system keeps the 3/16" thick windshield rigid and strong.

What's included in the kit
Our new system is so well integrated with the bike you will think it came from the factory that way. It is one of our most involved bracket kits (see photos) because it bolts to the steel frame and holds the instrument panel as well as the windshield.  When installed you can actually pull your bike around by the windshield, but our patented mechanism still lets you easily adjust height and angle without tools. Only a few simple hand tools are needed to install and you will NOT need to modify the bike in any way. This kit includes:

  • The MadStad adjustable frame-mount bracket system
  • The acrylic touring windshield
  • All mounting hardware

Size and Color

This MadStad windshield system has 2 inches of height and 10 degrees of angle adjustment but we recommend starting with the appropriate shield size relative to rider height.

5'6" to 5'8" (168 - 173 cm) 18" (45 cm) 15" - 17"
5'9" to 5'11" (175 - 180 cm) 20" (50 cm) 17" - 19"
6'0" to 6'2" (183 - 189 cm) 22" (55 cm) 19" - 21"
6'3" and taller (190+ cm) 24" (60 cm) 21" - 23"


The chart above gives you a recommendation based on your height but it is best to first measure as follows.

Sit on the bike and run a tape measure straight up from the top of the fuel tank to where you estimate your mouth level to be.

The goal is to order closest to this size since that is where you want the top edge of our windshield to be when it is in its lowest position. The wind will deflect over the top of your helmet but you will still have a great view of the road over the top of the shield.

The height adjustment range is 2 inches so if you are in-between sizes you have plenty of room to adjust as needed.

The shield on the bike in the photos here are the 20 inch in Light Gray tint and the brackets are placed in the lowest setting.  Our windshields are also available in Clear, Medium Gray and Dark Gray colors.


Installation Video: