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This is definitely our most-asked question! Since every rider has different proportions and a unique bike setup, picking a size based solely on rider height doesn't always yield the most accurate results. We've found that the best way to determine the right size is by measuring you on your bike - and we've put together a Measurement Video showing how to do this quickly and easily.

Since our windshield systems are custom made for you at the time of order, we encourage you to take a moment to watch the video and take your measurements to ensure you're choosing the perfect size for you and your bike.

We offer a variety of sized windshields within each specific system. This, combined with the 2" height adjustment and 15 degree angle adjustment that are built into the system brackets, we're confident that you'll find the best size windshield for your application. 

We do not offer custom windshields, but our many available shapes can be ordered without holes. To do this you'd order from the Shields Only collection.  Select the size and color, then click "Add to Cart". During checkout, type in "NO HOLES" in the Order Notes. 

Measuring Guide

Learn how to find the perfect size of Madstad windshield for any model. Using these easy steps, you’ll learn how to pick the best windshield size specifically for you and your bike.


Every Madstad windshield system is built to order right here in our Florida factory. That said, our team of highly-skilled craftsmen are fantastic at their jobs, allowing us to offer much faster production times than most custom-made products. 

While most orders move through production, pre-assembly and packaging within 5 business days, some orders may take up to 12 business days to fulfill. 

Keep in mind that shipping will take additional time based on your location and the shipping method and carrier that you select at checkout.

We know you’re anxious to receive your order, so we make sure to keep you posted every step of the way! You’ll receive an order confirmation email at the time you place your order so you know it’s been received and is headed into production. We’ll also send a second email when your order ships that will contain the tracking information needed to track your shipment directly with the carrier who is delivering your items.

Yes, we offer USPS, UPS and FedEx shipping services to many countries,including both standard and expedited options.Please note that import broker or customs fees are not included with these shipping services.

Returns & Exchanges

Since all our windshields are custom made at the time of your purchase, we encourage you to use our Measurement Video to help you choose the perfect windshield on the first try. However, while many windshield companies do not accept any
returns or exchanges, we do accept them in the following situations:

Returns of new, uninstalled products within 30 days. Since installing a windshield leaves signs of use, any windshield that has been previously installed cannot be resold as new, which is why we are unable to accept returns of these items. However, new, uninstalled windshields can be returned within 30 days according to the Return Policy below.

Exchanges of either new or installed products within 90 days. Both new and installed windshield systems may be exchanged for a different size or color within 90 days according to our Exchange Policy below.

Since your windshield is custom made at the time of your order, we only accept returns of new/unused items. We will refund the purchase price minus a 10% restocking fee for new/unused products returned within 30 days of your original purchase. Shipping fees will not be refunded, and the customer will pay for return shipping. Returned products must be in new/unused condition, and the refund will not be completed if the product is returned used. If you have already installed your windshield, please see our Exchange policy instead.

Email with Returns – Order Number in the subject line using the order number of the item(s) you want to return. In the body of the email, please provide us your full name and the reason for the return.

Wrap the products well to protect from shipping damage, especially the windshields. If you are returning a complete system, we strongly recommend placing a piece of cardboard between the windshield and all other wrapped components in the box, then bind them together. Place a note inside the box including your full name and order number.

Ship the package to the address below. We recommend insuring the package in the event that the carrier service is the one who causes the damage or loses the package.

Madstad Engineering
Returns Department / Order Number
1451 E Jefferson St.
Brooksville, FL 34601

Once the package is delivered to our facility, we will begin processing your return. You can expect to see your refund within 10 business days.

If you wish to exchange your windshield for a different color or size, our rapid exchange lets you order a replacement windshield at a 50% discount from list pricing within 90 days of your original purchase. There is no need to send back the original windshield, so you’ll save time and money on the return shipping and restocking fees, and your new windshield will ship out in just a few days!

Note: Only one exchange can be made per purchase, so please choose your replacement windshield carefully.

Exchange instructions:

  1. Email with Exchange – Order Number in the subject line using the order number of the item(s) you want to exchange. In the body of the email, please tell us your full name and the size/color for your replacement windshield.
  2. We will email you back with a unique one-time discount code to order the replacement windshield. Place your order on our website, and your replacement windshield will immediately go into production and be shipped to you as soon as it’s complete.
  1. Replacement windshield must be the same style windshield designed for the same year, make and model.
  2. You may either return or exchange (but not both) your purchase. Also, only one exchange can be made per purchase.
  3. The following products do not qualify for returns or exchanges: single replacement windshields that aren’t part of a complete system purchase, factory demos and used products.

Madstad Advantages

Unlike fixed windshields, our adjustable windshield systems allow for approximately 2" in height adjustment and 15 degrees of angle adjustment, allowing you to dial in the most comfortable wind protection available!

With the windshield separated from the fairing, riders can use the height and angle adjustments to eliminate the vacuum that is the primary cause of most turbulence.

The result? Smooth airflow placed exactly where it is desired! Most customers find they can actually get better wind protection with our smaller, adjustable shield over a larger, fixed one.

Enjoy the open air motorcycling experience without compromising wind protection!

Cast acrylic is more rigid, more optically clear, has better scratch resistance, better chemical resistance for cleaning, easier to mold, less costly and does not cloud or become hazy over time like polycarbonate can. We use a minimum 3/16" (4.5 mm) thick cast acrylic to make our windshields so they are nice and rigid, super-clear and easy to maintain.

Note: Minor anomalies that are characteristic to acrylic are not considered a defect.

You can visit fan forum pages for your particular make and model of bike (there are tons of internet forums out there!). Just search "Madstad", and you'll find plenty of reviews. You can also visit our YouTube channel for some video demo’s, as well as connecting with us on Instagram and Facebook.

Using Your Madstad System

We know you're anxious to hit the road, so we've created a detailed Installation Manual for each of our windshield systems. If you need additional assistance, you can contact us at or 352-848-3646.

Our windshields work best at approximately a 60-degree angle relative to the ground, give or take a few degrees. On the back cover of the installation manual, you will find an angle guide to help you align your shield. In addition, smartphone angle finder (inclinometer) apps may be helpful. Your personal best comfort level will likely be between 55 and 63 degrees, and you will have to experiment a bit to find out what works best for you.

You can use just about any standard windshield cleaner, but avoid any product that contains alcohol. To remove sticky bugs and tar, we've used orange-oil based cleaners like Goo-Gone, Citrus Cleaner or similar, and Meguiar's PlastX which both cleans and polishes out light scratches.  After cleaning, if you want the ultimate shine, we recommend All Kleer as the final step (the version made for motorcycles). While this does have a slight amount of alcohol, it was formulated specifically for plastics, has been in use for many years and will not do any harm.

For rain protection, the Rain-X product intended for glass is not recommended for use on our shields because it contains alcohol. There is a similar product called RejeX Polymer Sealant that is recommended for acrylics, so use that instead. It is available online here:

Other Info

We occasionally offer a special promotional discount offer to our email subscriber list. This may not be combined with any other promotional offer.

We have our complete and most current available product lineup listed on our website. Specific models can be found under the "Motorcycles" and “Adventure Vehicles” options in the navigation menu, which are categorized by manufacturer. The search function will also bring up products by make and model.

If your specific model isn’t listed please check our New Designs page for a current listing of models we are seeking to add to our lineup.

Still have Questions?

Our Sales and Support Team are ready to answer your questions, to help you place an order or to work through any technical issues and get you back on the bike! Get in touch by sending us an email at ( or dial 352-848-3646. 

For information on becoming a Dealer, Dealer Support and B2B inquiries dial 352-848-3644.