Harley-Davidson Pan America - Phone/GPS Mount Crossbar

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Harley-Davidson Pan America - Phone/GPS Mounting Crossbar


This add-on accessory for the MadStad Engineering adjustable windshield system allows you to attach any handlebar-mount accessory up above your digital display where it MUCH easier to see, just below your line of sight. Instead of bobbing your head up and down to see your GPS or smartphone screen, you simply lower your gaze a few inches and there it is. Keep your eyes on the road and your critical information front and center.

*phone mount in photo not included

 The stainless-steel bar brackets mount directly to the metal MadStad windshield system so you get the most solid mounting possible. The bar itself is solid 7/8" thick aluminum and will not rotate so that whatever you mount there stays in place. Mount up to two devices side-by-side, and you can use this crossbar whether or not you have purchased our Display Riser Kit