Adjustable Windshield System for Honda CB500F (2013 & Up)
Adjustable Windshield System for Honda CB500F (2013 & Up)
Adjustable Windshield System for Honda CB500F (2013 & Up)
Adjustable Windshield System for Honda CB500F (2013 & Up)
Adjustable Windshield System for Honda CB500F (2013 & Up)
Adjustable Windshield System for Honda CB500F (2013 & Up)

Adjustable Windshield System for Honda CB500F (2013 & Up)


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  • Madstad Adjustable Windshield System for Honda CB500F (2013 & Up)

    What's included
    Our complete drop-in system is custom-made for your bike and includes everything needed to mount and position the shield. Your bike will not require any modification.

    • A set of Madstad adjustable brackets
    • Acrylic windshield
    • Acrylic Center Deflector
    • All required mounting hardware

    The custom shield bolts to the brackets out in front of your instrument cluster. With the shield separated from the front of the bike you can adjust it for the optimum height, angle and airflow. This lets you set the shield for your particular height and riding position while pulling lots of air underneath it which is critical for smooth comfortable wind protection.

    All Madstad windshields are made from 3/16" (4.5 mm) thick cast acrylic.

    Colors & sizing
    All our windshields come in three color options (clear, medium gray and dark gray), as well as multiple sizes. Here are our best guidelines for measuring to find your optimal windshield size:

    How to measure video:

    1) Review provided photo to determine the measuring point on the bike.

    2) Measure up from the measuring point, maintaining the angle of the forks (two wheeled vehicles, 55-60 degrees for other models).  

    3) Select the windshield size that will be aligned to mouth level.

    All of our adjustable brackets have at least 2" of up down range to fine tune the fit and about 15 degrees of angle adjustment used to dial in clean air.

    Transform your ride
    Madstad's patented mounting system allows riders to adjust the height and angle of their motorcycle windshield resulting in much smoother airflow, better wind protection and a more comfortable ride than any fixed windshield can provide.

    Riding is believing
    With the windshield separated from the fairing riders now have control over the height and angle of the shield to eliminate the vacuum that is the primary cause of most turbulence. The result? Smooth airflow placed exactly where it’s desired. Most customers have found that they can actually get better wind protection with our smaller adjustable shield rather than a larger fixed one. You don't have to compromise wind protection to enjoy the open-air motorcycling experience!

    Customer Testimonial
    "I finally installed the windscreen on my wife's CB500F last month. We could not be happier with the initial quality and the improvement on the ride for her. I will be recommending this to anyone who asks or will listen. We had a Puig windscreen on her previous bike (CB300F) and the differences couldn't be more stark. There is a vast contrast in sturdiness, engineering and effectiveness."
    - B. Peters, Willington CT

    Went for a ride Sunday morning and in spite of temperature being 6° celcius (low 40s F), l enjoyed riding at a freeway speed of 65mph. Still tweaking with the height and rake, but a difference of night and day in riding enjoyment. Longer rides are definitely on the agenda. Thanks Madstad."
    - Vito A., Ontario, Canada

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 253 reviews
    Karen S.
    help with windflow, not sure if they should be tighter

    The side deflectors arrived without instructions but installation was pretty straight forward. They do not seat tightly over the turn signal stems so they feel loose with just the one screw holding them onto the bike.

    That aside, they do help keep air from flowing directly onto my arms which was my goal with this purchase. When riding in cooler temps, the air flowing right onto my arms made a cold spot on my body.

    Ctx700d windshield. Big improvement

    Night and day difference, when i bought the bike the first owner had the Honda tall shield with a Amazon clip on that went on top of that (looked a little goofy) and the turbulence was horrible and I'm a short guy. This new windshield from madstad is a world of difference. Amazing. If the turbulence at higher speed is bringing you down then you need this windshield.

    Mariusz Grzelakowski
    890 AR - 14 inch

    Great fit. Great product, but most importantly the best customer service I personally experienced in US. Jeremy is a great guy to work with. Strong recommendation.

    Patricia B
    Perfect Fit

    I had the brackets for years but used a smaller windshield and it just wasn’t giving me the smooth air that I needed to quiet my wind noise in my helmet. I ordered this windshield 2” taller and it did the trick! What a difference when you get it dialed in right!

    GL1800 12"

    I put the 12" Madstad windshield on my 2007 Honda Goldwing.
    I am 5'10" and currently wear a Shoei RF1200 full face helmet.
    I also ride with my helmet shield open, with sunglasses or safety glasses during warm weather.
    I am not a fan of factory or tall windshields on any bikes, and have been riding dirt and sportbikes for 35 years.
    This my first Goldwing.
    Tall windshields to me cause my helmet to be pushed from behind, and I feel like I am stuck in a pocket of hot air.
    No more, as this Madstad windshield is excellent...really.
    With the windshield in it's lowest and furherest tilted back position towards me, the air blows lightly in my face, which is where I want it, but I am out of the wind and it is very quiet.
    If I lift up a couple inches off of the seat, my head raises up into the full blast of the wind and the noise that comes with it, so it is very apparent just how well a short windshield works.
    I can easily tilt the windshield forward/back, and up/down, which does improve air flow at higher speeds, and highways with wind from big trucks, but I don't find it nessacery.
    I like the windshield in the lowest and furthest back position for all riding.
    When it gets cold, I may raise it up so that the air blows over my helmet, instead of at it, otherwise, I don't need to move it.
    I can also look straight ahead, and the top of the windshield is below my line of sight.
    I do not like to look through a winsldshield, or at or through the top of one, and fortunatly that is not an issue at all.
    The clarity is also incredible, when you do look through the windshield, the view is crystal clear, no haze, blur, or glare.
    The quality is very good, not just in function and appearance, but the fit as well.
    I have worked on many bikes for decades, and it is rare to find aftermarket parts that go on without some sort of minor correction or modification...and this did, no problems at all!
    Every piece went together easily, and it just works.
    The Madstad windshield lives up to the hype, I'm a beliver, and very happy with regrets
    And I personally love the look of the short windshield on mine.
    Thankyou Madstad, for being an American company who makes awesome stuff...that's something we've been sorely lacking.

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    “Before their install, I suffered from the constant, unmitigated buffeting at speeds above 40 mph. Now I can hear the engine, and that's a sound I like!"

    Johann Borenstein

    “I have a stack of other windshields. I've bought over the years before I discovered the Madstad system, and none of them compare. Do yourself a favor and just buy the Madstad first!"

    Murphy Motors

    “Long rides at freeway speeds were the worst because of the buffeting. I installed the 18" Madstad screen, keeping it at the lowest setting, and the buffeting is gone. I now have a nice quiet air flow around my head and upper torso, regardless of speed.”

    Scott Beal