Safety Shields

Protect your employees and your customers with a professional, stable, crystal-clear counter-top shield that allows you to conduct your business as normally as possible. This is perfect for retail stores, convenience stores, hardware and auto parts stores, doctor offices, medical clinics, restaurants and anywhere you need solid protection that is not in your way and is easily positioned wherever you need it. Our safety shields are extremely stable and you do not need to drill holes or tape them down. If you visit a business that doesn't have any protection in place, please send them to this web page.

Different shapes and sizes are available and we can customize them to suit your business. The counter top version shown here stands up on a pair of heavy-duty steel supports allowing you to position and move it and taking up almost no counter space. The pass-through openings are either 6 or 10 inches tall but can also be customized as needed. Quantity discounts are available so please call us at 352-848-3644 for a quote or for custom sizes.


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