Windshield - Terra

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This windshield style was made specifically for the Husqvarna Terra and Strada 650The bottom edge closely matches the contours of the top of the headlight to give this windshield a more edgy aggressive look.

    If you broke a shield or want a different style or color, this is where to order it. Simply choose the size and color from the drop-down lists. Normally this windshield comes drilled and ready for the MadStad Terra system, however if you want just a blank windshield for your own project or to drill the holes yourself, simply put "NO HOLES" in the Notes field.

    If you need mounting hardware which are the T-Screws (no-tools plastic "T" head) or Truss Screws (slim Phillips head) then click either of those links in this sentence (it will open in a new window) and add to your cart. Typically our adventure-bike systems would use T-screws so you can easily take your shield off without tools.