Ultimate Slingshot Bumper (2015 - 2018)

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MadStad Ultimate Bumper for your Polaris Slingshot (2015 - 2018)

Transform your ride! MadStad's Ultimate Bumper upgrades your Slingshot with an all-aluminum front that is lean and mean with dual spotlight bars and more ground clearance than the factory plastic wing. Much stronger than the factory wing, the Ultimate Bumper replaces it and attaches directly to the frame. There are no steel parts to rust, and no plastic panels to crack!

"I just wanted to send you all a message to thank you for an outstanding product. At first I was leery of the price, but when it came in and I saw it, I was totally impressed. Thank you again for such a great product. Oh, and by the way, I talked to one of my group members who went to an OEM front spoiler, and it ended up costing him $1,400.00 to replace it. My money was well spent. When I am on the road this coming riding season, you can bet that I will be spreading your name around. Nothing but praise for you. Respectfully, Larry M."

Our drop-in bumper kit requires no drilling and no modification to your Slingshot. It comes in small sections which are easy to bolt together, then attaches to the frame as one complete lightweight assembly.

Grilles and Colors
Two center grille designs are available, a Slotted style which has a similar design as the bumper inserts, and a Honeycomb. The center grille and the panel below it are powder coated a satin black color to match the Polaris plastic panel above them.

The colored components are the left and right Bumpers (round tube shapes), the Inserts (slotted panels in the center of each Bumper shape) and the Center Sides (the vertical panels on each side of the center grille). We can color these components one of two ways:

#1 - Bumper is Satin Black, Insert and Center Sides are the Polaris color:

#2 - Insert is Satin Black, Bumper and Center Sides are the Polaris color:

    When picking colors from the drop-down list, whichever component you choose to have a Polaris color, the other you must chose Satin Black or it will not be available for purchase!

    2015-2017 Slingshots already have wiring harnesses in place so the sealed LED spotlight bars just plug right in and all you will need is an Otto dash switch and a BWD #R6367 or equivalent relay (not included). 2018-up models will require an accessory wiring kit.