SV650 (2017-Up)

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Quick-Release Adjustable Windshield System for your Suzuki SV650 (2017-up)

Transform your ride
Get that pressure off of your face and chest! MadStad's quick-release mounting system gives you touring comfort on your naked bike. Adjust the height and angle of our windshield to dial in smooth airflow and a more comfortable ride while still looking over the shield. You can switch back to naked bike in seconds, without tools, however you will be so much more comfortable you may not want to!

What's included in the kit
Our complete drop-in quick-release system is custom-made for the SV650 and includes everything needed to mount and position the shield. Your bike will not require any modification. Here are the system components:

  • Fork-mount quick release brackets
  • Adjustable shield brackets
  • The acrylic windshield
  • Solid aluminum 7/8" crossbar

The quick-release base brackets mount to your forks. The adjustable shield brackets lock onto the base and with the shield system attached you can adjust it for the optimum height, angle and airflow to dial in the comfort for your particular height and riding position. We included a long 7/8" crossbar both for stability and so you can mount your smartphone or GPS unit up higher front-and-center where you can more easily see it.

If you want to go back to stock naked bike configuration simply release the locking plungers and slide the system off. Keep in mind that the crossbar, and anything you may have mounted to it, will also come off with the system.

Size and Color 

While the MadStad windshield systems are fully adjustable, we recommend starting with the appropriate shield size relative to rider height. These are general recommendations and can vary depending on your inseam, seat height and riding position. 

5'8" to 5'10"  20"
5'11" to 6'1" 22"
6'2" and taller 24"

MadStad windshields are made from 3/16" (4.5 mm) thick cast acrylic and are available in four different colors. See photos bar for comparison image.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
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