Tail Rack for KTM 390 / 790 / 890 Adventure and Adventure R (2020 - 2022)
Tail Rack for KTM 390 / 790 / 890 Adventure and Adventure R (2020 - 2022)
Tail Rack for KTM 390 / 790 / 890 Adventure and Adventure R (2020 - 2022)
Tail Rack for KTM 390 / 790 / 890 Adventure and Adventure R (2020 - 2022)

Tail Rack for KTM 390 / 790 / 890 Adventure and Adventure R (2020 - 2022)


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  • Gear Attachment For Your KTM 390 / 790 / 890 Adventure and Adventure R (2020 - 2022)

    Rack Dimensions: Top surface area: 15" at widest, 12.5" at narrowest.

    Attaching gear to the tail of your bike is hard without a wide base that has lots of hook points for bungee cords. The MadStad tail rack provides just that with a thick 3/16" aluminum structure, 13 strap holes and 78 hook points for just about anything you are trying to strap down! Our tail rack attaches either on top of the factory plate and grab handles, or in place of the factory plastic in case those grab handles are in the way. Hardware is included for both configurations and the top surface is flat so you can set oversized packs on it. Every KTM 790 Adventure should have one! Made in the USA.

    Available in powder coated Black or Raw Aluminum Silver finish.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 45 reviews
    Benjamin Diaz
    So flexible!

    The best thing about the Madstad system, is the fact that you can adjust the shield in so many positions. The bracket is easily changed for various conditions. The wind is no longer a factor when it comes to fatigue. I recommend the Madstad system enthusiastically!

    Robert Pradella
    What a difference.

    Blown away, well not by the wind blast. I’m 6’2”, and ordered the 22” screen. And the original wind shield whilst looking perfectly on the bike created horrific buffeting of my helmet anything over 40 MPH. The first ride was with the windshield all the way down and forward. Immediately I noticed how much quieter the ride was. And even partially standing up to see where the air hits my helmet it’s just super smooth air. Not rough and no buffeting. Other than pure comfort the quiet really does let you hear comms. I can actually feel the bass and hear my music clearly with my Cardo Packtalk. I fully recommend Madstad for delivering their promise of a wonderfully comfortable and quiet ride, and the quality of craftsmanship is second to none. Everything is well made and the windscreen itself is absolutely beautiful. Thank you to Madstad!

    The Right Fit

    My Honda CTX seems to lean a little more than I am comfortable with. Tried several different plates and pads to no avail. This Madstad fits perfectly and is a well thought out piece of engineering. Now I can get a good night's sleep not worrying my bike is going to tip over.

    Don Pussehl
    2024 Honda Monkey 125

    The engineering, fit and finish are all very impressive. Been monkeying around with the height and rake, will take some time to find the best compromise. The cold air sure tells you when you head the wrong way off of a mid setting which seems to work the best with the 14 in screen.

    Richard Magalotti
    Excelleng engineering.

    Just installed the Madstadt windshield on my Triumph Bonneville T120; ordered it online and it showed up about 5 business days later; packaged very well with all necessary hardware and good instructions. Gregs video pn the Triumph forum was a great help also except I used a rubber mallet where Greg used a hammer.

    Found using my torque wrench that to loosen the lower fork bolt took about 44nm; the upper took about 30nm; therefore, tightened them accordingly at attachment time. Later, per the Triumph shop manual, I found that the torque settings are 45nm and 24nm.

    Per the Mastadt video using the cardboard measuring device, my mouth lined up to the 21 inch line; I was 6' 2" in my younger days; hence, I ordered the 22 inch model. After installation, my eyes sighted about 2 inches above the top with the shield at its lowest setting (1 inch above headlight). Shield was parallel to the front fork. Initial ride around the subdivision had the air flow just flowing on the top of my toboganned head - otherwise bald. Maybe a few more adjustments to fine tune it. Did notice, I could hear the engine better. Later, on the road, above 55, my helmet experienced a significant amount of buffeting; working to get the shield adjusted better.

    Have to say that Madstadt Engineering did an excellent job on the precision of the components; all were easy to fit together. Easy to attach and de-attach; without the windshield, the mounts are barely visible.

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    “Before their install, I suffered from the constant, unmitigated buffeting at speeds above 40 mph. Now I can hear the engine, and that's a sound I like!"

    Johann Borenstein

    “I have a stack of other windshields. I've bought over the years before I discovered the Madstad system, and none of them compare. Do yourself a favor and just buy the Madstad first!"

    Murphy Motors

    “Long rides at freeway speeds were the worst because of the buffeting. I installed the 18" Madstad screen, keeping it at the lowest setting, and the buffeting is gone. I now have a nice quiet air flow around my head and upper torso, regardless of speed.”

    Scott Beal