BMW F750GS (2018 - Up) - Adjustable Windshield System

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MadStad Adjustable Windshield System for your BMW F750GS (2018 - Up)


Transform your ride
Get long-range touring comfort like you never thought possible. MadStad's patented adjustable system replaces the factory windshield mount and allows you to adjust the height and angle of your windshield for much smoother airflow and better wind protection than any fixed windshield can provide. In addition we've added side deflectors to block lower turbulent airflow from hitting your body for a dramatically more comfortable ride. 

"I want to tell you that I absolutely love your system. Finding the sweet spot was fairly easy and gave me all the wind protection I hoped for. I am very pleased with both your product and customer service and I won't be afraid to tell others!" - Ken W., Newbury Park, CA

I just purchased one of your windshields for my BMW F750 gs. I was hoping to stop the buffeting I was experiencing with another aftermarket windshield. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised with your windshield. There is some airflow which I like but no buffeting. I also do not have to look through the windshield. You make riding even more enjoyable. You may use me as a positive testimonial." 
Rod M., Junction City OR

Riding is believing
With the windshield separated from the bike you now have control over the height and angle of the shield to eliminate the vacuum that is the primary cause of most turbulence. The result? Smooth airflow placed exactly where it’s desired. Height is only part of the equation; just a few degrees of angle can make all of the difference between turbulence and smoothness. You should be looking comfortably over the shield at highway speeds rather than through it, even with your visor open, and that's what our system can do. 

What's included in the kit
Our new system is so well integrated with the bike you will think it came from the factory that way. On the 850 only - our brackets have the factory BMW hole pattern so you can switch from our touring shield back to your small stock shield any time you want, and still use the adjustability. We've even added an integrated accessory mounting plate so you can attach your GPS unit front and center where it is very easy to see.

Our complete drop-in system is custom-made for the F750GS and F850GS and includes everything needed to mount and position the shield. Your bike will not require any modification.

  • A set of MadStad adjustable brackets
  • Accessories mounting plate
  • The acrylic touring windshield
  • Pair of acrylic side deflectors with brackets

The MadStad adjustable brackets replace the plastic factory bracket bolting deep into the bike and keeping the windshield as close to the rider as possible. We've kept the shield as wide as possible (16" at bottom, 12" near top) while still providing hand guard clearance. The factory center cover plate can be snapped on to cover our accessories plate or attach your brake/clutch RAM ball mount to have your GPS right in your line of sight. Our side deflectors are completely separate and attach around and behind the turn signals. They are included in this kit for the ultimate in touring comfort, especially in cooler weather.

Size and Color
While the MadStad windshield systems are fully adjustable, we recommend starting with the appropriate shield size relative to rider height.

5'6" to 5'8" (168 - 173 cm) 18" (45 cm)
5'9" to 5'11" (175 - 180 cm) 20" (50 cm)
6'0" to 6'2" (183 - 189 cm) 22" (55 cm)
6'3" and taller (190+ cm) 24" (60 cm)

HOW TO MEASURE: Sit on the bike and run a tape measure straight up from the top of the fuel tank to what your estimate your chin level to be, then add 4 inches. For example, if your chin level appears to be at about 18 inches above the tank, then the 22 inch shield is what you should order. Height adjustment range is 2 inches so you have plenty of room to move up if you are in-between sizes. The shields in the photos here are the 22 inch.

All MadStad windshields are made from 3/16" (4.5 mm) thick cast acrylic and are available in four different tint colors. See photos for comparison images.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied with your purchase return it within 30 days for a full refund. See our return policy details under the FAQ page and buy with confidence.

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