Yamaha XSR900 (2016 - 2021) Touring Shield Upgrade

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Touring Shield Kit for your Yamaha XSR900 (2016 - 2021)

Transform your ride

This is the quick-release windshield portion of the MadStad system for the XSR900. If you already have the MadStad XSR900 fly screen (a requirement) then this shield and adjustable brackets snap right on for great protection for highway riding. With a massive 5 inch height adjustment range you can keep the shield down low on hot days for more cooling air, but raise it up so that the wind pressure gets pushed up over your head at highway speeds. You will have a much more quite and comfortable ride, especially on long trips or during cold weather. Check it out:

What's included in the kit

This kit requires that you already have the MadStad fly screen kit.  This kit by itself is only an upgrade and WILL NOT attach to your bike without previously having installed the MadStad fly screen kit. If you are looking for the complete system CLICK HERE.

Here's what comes with this upgrade kit: 

  • Quick-release adjustable brackets
  • Acrylic touring shield in several sizes and colors

Once the quick-release hardware is attached it only takes a few seconds to attach or detach the shield so you can go from naked bike to touring any time you like, with no tools needed!

Shield Size

In order to see which size shield will be right for you, sit on your bike with a tape measure or stick coming straight up off of the fuel tank cap. Look straight ahead and estimate about where your mouth level is. This is where the top edge of our 18" and 20" touring shields line up:

18" shield low-to-high range: 16.5 to 21.5 inches above the tank

20" shield low-to-high range: 18.5 to 23.5 inches above the tank

For highway riding you want the top edge of the shield at about your mouth or nose level at most, so choose accordingly. Extra tall riders may want a 22 inch shield (just add 2" to the 20" range above) and shorter riders may be fine with a 16 inch size (subtract 2" from the 18" range above). The tremendous range gives you tremendous flexibility, and you can snap the touring system on and off in just seconds, without tools and without affecting the fly screen.

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