TIG Talon Magnetic Multi-Position Torch Holder

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No more broken torches! The TIG Talon is a patent-pending multi-articulated torch holder that securely holds your torch in any position. You can mount the magnetic base on the top, the side or underneath your work bench or project, any orientation you need. The double-ball arm lets you position the Talon any way you like to securely hold your torch and give you quick and simple hands-free access. Snap your torch in and the Talon's magnetic latch automatically holds it closed preventing release. Grab it and pull it out, and the Talon releases and holds open ready to grab your torch again. Check out the video at the bottom, and here is what one customer wrote us:

"Hi guys, I just wanted to write and say how much I love your torch holder. It may sound silly but a week into having it, it still makes me smile every time I use it. I just love the little click it makes, and it's so well built and designed. Also, I never have to wonder where my torch is anymore, and I haven't busted a single Pyrex cup! Thanks for making a hard, dirty job a little more enjoyable, it's the little things that count. Thanks, Andrew"

The TIG Talon's 110 lb. pull magnet sticks hard to any steel surface at any angle, preventing it from being accidentally knocked over or pulled down. With your torch snapped in and the magnetic latch enabled, the Talon will not allow accidental release of your torch. What does it cost to replace broken torches and broken cups? This fantastic holder will pay for itself and you will wonder how you got along without one! You can also order the TIG Talon Clamp for attaching to pipes or non-magnetic surfaces. 

The TIG Talon is made of aluminum and steel so you can expect many years of reliable use. The Talon mechanism is precision machined to open and close effortlessly, even as the 2-way magnetic latch keeps your torch securely in place, or holds the Talon open and ready. Best of all, it is manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards.