Safety Shield 32 wide x 24 tall

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This is our counter-top safety barrier in a 32" by 24" size with a 16" wide by 10" tall pass-through opening. It works well for lower counters where you need to pass through larger items like gallons of milk, tall drink cups or 12-packs of bottled beer. Made of super-clear acrylic with heavy gauge steel legs, this shield sits securely on any counter or desk top allowing you to move it if necessary. You can also affix it with double-sided tape if you want to make sure it doesn't move, but it stands on its own securely.

Our safety shield comes in many different sizes and are also available with shorter pass-through openings. If all you need is to send documents through then a 4" or 6" tall pass-through would be sufficient, just let us know what you want. If you need custom shields extra-long, specialty pass-through sizes or even sliding doors we can do that, just contact us to discuss your needs.